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Still, I Rise

Hope everyone is enjoying May. It was in the 50s when Ryan and I left the states to come back up and now we hear its already been in the 90's. Up here at Tall Pines its been quite comfortable temps but what an adventure to get up here.

If you remember my blog last June on the experience of driving up, I referenced the sound of home when you heard the crunch of the gravel turning onto Tall Pines "driveway". Well we definitely did not have that this year! We knew we were in for a challenge getting access to camp, but 2-4' of snow still awaited us. We didn't want to plow/bobcat in and damage our drive, so we were grateful for some amazing friends who helped make sure we got in by way of snow machine until the snow melted.

Some snow banks didn't want to melt- it was sunny and 60 degrees on May 11th the day this pic was taken of Ryan shoveling, but we got' er done. Just being back in our cabin did wonders for our spirits. It feels good to be back home.

One of the key differences from the last 2 years to this year was not only the weather conditions, but also the drop of the infamous 14 day quarantine. Since we didn't have to quarantine at camp for 2 weeks, we were able to visit with neighbors and locals and frequent the Whiskey Jack these last few weeks. I am humbled by the kind souls of those around us. There is such a sense of community around here, and we feel so blessed to feel a part of it.

Ice was completely out of lake 1 on the morning of 5/14, and it was quite fascinating to see the changes each day as that process took place. I put out a couple videos on social media, here's a couple pics:

May 3:

May 5:

May 7th:

May 10:

May 12:

May 14:

Water levels are rising...they are not only higher than '19, but according to a longtime local, at levels not seen in 50 years. I know everyone was praying for snow and rain these last months, but you can stop now. We don't need more. We have watched levels increasing about 3inches per day. Sadly, no beach for now. What I can say is that one of the previous owners (Pete) had foresight when he had the docks put in- the top tier looked too high last year, and those that came up in the fall had a steep decline. Not this year! We are nervous to get docks in safely and without damage as so many docks in the area are taking a beating from all the extremes.

Here's a video of the Falls as of a few days ago:

One of the results of so much water is now flooding. Yes, you may have seen reports on some roads flooding over, as well as some areas of the 105 literally washing out. So far, any road closures have been attended to promptly and open the next day. We'll keep our guests updated on any detours that may be needed if it comes to that. You have to laugh though- from Covid border closures for the past 2 years, then such a late ice-out/snow melt stalling us from accessing camp this year, to now flooding issues. I think guests and camp operators alike are all ready for some kind of Opener Olympics as we've been jumping through hoops and over hurdle after hurdle.

These last 2 weeks I've been able to rejuvenate, clear my head, and return to my old self. Life has thrown so many curve balls, that we now are finding joy in things that we once took for granted.

Though we surprisingly haven't gotten out fishing yet, we have taken advantage of our time up here already tinkering, doing indoor projects, and preparing for a bustling couple of months. Wait til you see the new office/tackle/gift shop! Here's a sneak peak at what we'll have to offer:

Earl has been in the area for a couple weeks now visiting with his beautiful family. We pick him up tomorrow and are pumped to get him doing his thing at Tall Pines once again. Patsy is working back in Newfoundland right now, but she'll join us at some point. We'll all three be busy getting docks in, boats in the water, and finishing touches with the cabins, so I wanted to take this moment on a quiet Sunday morning (okay, my last quiet Sunday morning for a few months lol) to give you all these updates. I hope to get a new fishing blog out about every 2 weeks, and so the next one should have lots of fish pics :)

Maya Angelou's poem "Still I Rise" stands out to me as I write is. Circumstances out of our control have tried to beat us down these last two years, but we continue to push through; to rise... just like the mighty waters of the Wabaskang...

"Leaving behind nights of terror and fear

I rise

Into a daybreak that’s wondrously clear

I rise

I rise

I rise"

Thanks once again for all the support in the form of patience, best wishes, emails, texts, phone calls, prayers, bookings. You are all simply the best. Let's make the 2022 season an unforgettable one!

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