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Family Ties

These past two weeks of guests are pretty darn cool folks! We didn't have the calmest of days for Week 6 and a mix of cooler temps and rain outweighed the warmer/sunny days, yet they were all troopers. And even when wind gusts blew a tree on power lines and we were all without power on Sunday (the 26th) for a few hours, these guys didn't complain. Some traveled from quite far (Florida and Kansas to name a few places), some traveled with some heartache of missing someone, and some traveled only to be here for 4 days. These kindhearted people made it such an enjoyable week, and the fishing fortunately did not disappoint!

Congratulations Adam on this brilliant 30.5" walleye catch. That's gonna be hard to top on the leaderboard!

Brad, with son Devin, and parents Jim and Candy are outdoorsmen all the way and got into all the main species:

First timer Kati represented as fisherwoman!

One of our anniversay couples- what a way to celebrate 19 years, on the Wabaskang Lake:

They got in some couple time, while making the most out of family time as well- Dylan, Hunter, and Jordan are hardcore fishermen!

Mike and Jane were perfect addtions to our Tall Pines family; the positive energy radiates from these two who are as friendly as can be. They took over for Potluck making some incredible Chicago style pizzas from scratch, and boy did it go fast!

Week 6 high's:

Week 7 transitioned not only into a new month, but also into a family-vibe at camp. Kids could be found exploring the shorelines finding turtles, catching countless fish off the docks, playing games, and roasting marshmellows around the campfire. Adults got in some laid back grilling and fish fries, some beers (or with Doug it was shots :) in the fishhouse watching Earl do his thing, and some serious bean bag games. With each family, we see the family ties getting tighter after a week of making memories here. Ryan and I were also lucky to have friends and neighbors from back in the states stay with us this week. Combining that with some great weather and fishing created an ultimate Week 7. Here are some of the many pics highlighting this past week:

Some nice walleyes being caught and released (yes, this is the same Jeremy that was here in May):

Some more "newbies" Sara, Ryan, Jackie, Derek, and kiddo Mason:

Chris, used to take his boys on fishing trips when they were little. He was able to try Tall Pines this year and make some new memories with his boys as well as with some of the grandkids (Mikaylah and Peyton not pictured):

Chris, wife Kathy, and granddaughter Piper also got into the walleye, smallmouth, and perch:

These two brothers were on fire with the fish- Keegan and Declan have grown so much since they were here last in '19, and their enthusiasm for fishing and adventure is unparallel:

Moms you know how it is- you're never in any pics cause you're the one taking them. Erin seemed to be everywhere, but here she is on a leisure peddleboat ride with one of her boys:

Congrats to those on the Week 7 leaderboard July 2-9th:

This wonderful family hasn't had a "real" family vacation in years. With three teenage boys in baseball, their trips revolved around where they'd be playing travel ball. This year, they were able to all get away and take it all in. Danielle, Rich, Cadyn, C.J., and Danny were usually the first ones out each morning. And they may have taken Ryan on in a game or 2 of bags after they'd get back from fishing.

Erika and Evan took advantage of Helen's art classes. The detail in their watercolour drawings was impeccable:

Another family that is fond of the Wabaskang, and we're lucky to call friends:

Thanks to Jackie, Erin, and Sara for giving us these unique perspectives. These magazine worthy shots of the views around Tall Pines are incredible:

Mayflies have hatched in Keynote, and have seen a few in lake 1, but there hasn't been a big hatch yet that we've seen (other than keynote). Water levels are looking great right now! The summer bite is on. We do still have a few openings for August and September- reach out to Bridget at to find out more.

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